AllCleanup 1.3

Safely remove personal data from your PDA


  • Removes data very quickly
  • Clear, well-presented user interface


  • Doesn't allow you to select files for deletion
  • Relatively lengthly setup procedure


There comes a time when your Pocket PC's memory starts getting clogged up with personal data you no longer need and you just want to wipe the slate clean.

Unfortunately, deleting all of your personal information at once is impossible in Windows Mobile, so you'll need to get yourself a third-party app such as AllCleanup if you want to rid your personal information in one hit.

This program allows you to quickly remove your Appointments, Contacts, Messages, Tasks and/or files and directories on your Pocket PC or memory card.

What I like about the program is the way you can select what type of information you want to clear, in much the same way as you would choose the kind of personal data to remove when you're clearing your temp files in IE or Firefox, for example.

The user interface is well presented, with a list of the different types of data you can delete, each with its own clear and colorful icon.

One click on any of the categories and the program will quickly remove all that data from your Pocket PC. Bear in mind, however, there is a 10 second delay in the unregistered version.

Unfortunately the program doesn't give you the option to select individual Appointments, Tasks, Messages, etc. for deletion, so it's really an all-or-nothing situation.

It's also worth pointing out that the installation process requires you to enter a Startup code, which you need to obtain from the developer's site by keying in the device code shown when you launch the program.

Despite the long-winded setup procedure, AllCleanup represents a quick and easy way of removing some or all of your personal information.

Some bug fixed.


  • Some bug fixed.

AllCleanUp allows you to delete all your Appointments, Contacts, Messages, Tasks and/or all files and directories on your Storage Card. If, for any reason, you want to delete your personal information, it is good to know, that all this data has been successfully removed from your PDA.



AllCleanup 1.3

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